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Increase number

Plugin: Data | Mode: Run

Increases or decreases a number variable by a specified value.


Increase variable

Enter the variable you want to increase here. You can specify a local variable, a level attribute or argument, or a variable in an item.

You can formulate the variable manually or drag it over from the VARIABLES TOOLBAR.

The variable can be written with or without surrounding square brackets [[ and ]].

Player.score is the same as here [[Player.score]]

The variable, if it already exists, must be a number or integer value.

by value

The value by which the variable will be incremented.

Prepend a - to decrease the value instead.

Increase the variable by 6: 6

Decrease the variable by 22.5: -22.5

Use square brackets ([[ and ]]) to increment the variable by the value of another number variable.


Increase the variable score in the level argument Player by 3

Einen Variablen Wert erhöhen